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We paid good money for what we thought was quality knives, paint is coming off onto food as you slicePlease advise if there is warranty on these, as we cannot Afford to buy another knife block setYes all knives in the block are peeling. Knife set was purchased from Robins Kitchen Australia. We do have proof of purchase however the attached photo tells the storyPlease email provide a email response if you beleive there is a warranty issue.My email address is is very unhygienic and request a reply on your QA processHoping to hear from you soonWe are a household that uses scanpan saucepans as well as this poor quality knife block

Monetary Loss: $150.

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To, Speaks for itself


I have a problem. One carving knife has fallen and snapped.

Is it possible"to have it replaced under the Scanpan lifetime guarantee? I can provide photos, but can’t find a email address to send to.



Date on: 26/11/2017> wrote: Good morning Xavier, Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, Scanpan do not cover knives that have been dropped under their 10 year warranty. Regards, Sacha Wildman Warranty Team Sheldon and Hammond P/L 24 Salisbury Road Asquith NSW 2077 T: 02 9482 6666 F: 02 9477 7320 From: Xavier Samymuthu [] Sent: Sunday, 26 November 2017 4:46 AM To: Sales Good morning Sacha I paid good money for what I thought was a quality knife set.

I have had the knife set for 3 years and bought it specifically because it was guaranteed "unbreakable" and now you're telling me that the warranty doesn't cover it. Why make the claim? I didn't misuse it in anyway and it hasn't broken from the cutting blade, it has broken from within the handle shaft. See photo.

Can I ask why make such an outlandish claim and then dismiss a customers complaint with a one liner without any reference to any warranty clause?

Please consider this further. Kind regards Xavier cc: Legal File

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1181307

Did you get a response?

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